The Ward Firm - Construction - Business - Law - San Diego
The Ward Firm - Construction - Business - Law - San Diego

The Ward Firm - Overview

The primary focus of the firm’s practice has been construction law.  A mission of the firm has always been to provide quality legal services with a no-nonsense, down to earth approach to every legal issue including an aim for practical solution for all issues brought into the office. In this way the best result for the client is sought while keeping the cost of litigation within the parameters set by the client. In other words, no surprises. For example, Mr. Ward has resolved numerous cases with a letter demand.


All cases are viewed with a vision to settle the dispute in the most expeditious way possible. When that avenue is not possible, then the matters are brought to trial for a verdict by a jury or a Judge. There is also the road of Mediation and Arbitration depending upon the situation and the claim.


The firm is licensed to practice law before all courts in the State of California including the Federal Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Mr. Ward has also been admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court in Washington D.C. and the United States District Court in Hawaii.


The Ward Firm will consider all cases for either an hourly rate or contingency. Some matters do not qualify due to the circumstances to be considered for a contingency basis. However, our fees are commensurate with those of other practitioners with similar experience and expertise. Attorney fees are always a subject of negotiation by and between this office and the client. Please do not hesitate to inquire regarding our fees upon your visits to our offices.

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The Ward Firm offers honest and aggressive representation in all aspects of construction law, business and commercial litigation, construction litigation, contractors license law, and corporate law.